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CD replication services Charlotte, North Carolina

Our CD Replication services Charlotte plant offers both full color Offset disc imprinting as well as Silkscreen imprinting, giving you every possible option under the sun.  We offer both the disc copying services as well as a full laundry list of packaging options for our customers.  We have both automated assembly and the ability to hand-assemble complex packaging.


Among the services provided include:
Premastering: We check, modifiy and, if necessary, repairs the data source and downloads the content to the mastering system. Our plant is able to receive data on formats including CD-R, DLT and DVD-R. Our plant also has the capability of receiving CD data electronically, saving both time and shipping costs.

Mastering: 2 Sony Slim HD Mastering systems are used to create up to 100 CD and DVD stampers a day. Measurement devices are used to check all CD and DVD stampers before they are used for replication.

Quality: We use some of the most advance test equipment to ensure all products manufactured by meet stringent specification requirements. We have developed our own quality manual, which is used to ensure quality at all stages of production. This manual is available for review. Our plant is an ISO 9001 compliant facility.

Our CD Replication Services Charlotte plant include:

• Mini CD Replication
• Short run CD Replication
• Music CD Replication
• CD Large Replication Volume

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If you should need a short run (under 500 quantity) we can also duplicate CDs and DVDs for you out of our Charlotte, NC plant.  We utilize a 300dpi glossy laminate for the labeling and have very competitive rates.


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