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DVD CD Duplication Maryland

600 DPI – High-Tech Digital Printing for DVD CD Duplication Maryland plant

How They Work
Digital printing on CDs and DVDs involves pre-pressing artwork on a computer, transferring the image onto a thin film, applying the graphic to the disc (CD or DVD) and treating the image with an adhesion promoter.

Xeikon, a Belgian company, provides the five color dry toner laser print engine. The bonding process and specially designed printing equipment together provide a fully automated digital print system that produces approximately 200 printed discs per minute with photographic quality (600 dpi) resolution and 180 line screens.

Short runs of DVD and CD copies are produced within 2-3 working days!

The unique advantages of digital printing
• 600 dpi – the highest resolution available
• No films, screens, plates, or ink
• No color-to-color registration problems
• Total customization – on each disc

Variable Data
We can now offer customized print for the surfaces of CDs, CD ROMS, DVDs, audio/visual media kits and more. Individualize printed surfaces with addresses, barcodes, pin numbers, unique photos and designs or graphics.

Each disc can be unique, from one to one million.

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Our guarantee to our customers

To provide the highest quality digital printing for optical disc media labels, with a sharpness and brightness conventional printing processes cannot match.

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