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DVD Replication Asia

China & Taiwan manufacturing

For those projects where price is the highest consideration we can replicate DVDs out of Asia facilites. Our DVD Replication Asia plants have the highest quality replication lines and the ability to print offset onto the discs.  We have 3 overseas replication plants in both China and Taiwan that we have partnered with for many years.

For disc manufacturing quantities under 10,000 units we can ship via air.  The discs will arrive in 1-2 working days.  Larger quantities can be replicated very quickly (usually within 2 weeks) and then be shipped via boat to any port in the United States. Shipping via boat can take 3-5 weeks.

We can also offer both the Mini Round DVD and the Business Card DVD out of our Asia plant.

If you need elaborate packaging with your DVD replication Asia quote we can offer manufacturing the discs in China or Taiwan and then packaging them out of our California plant. This will keep the shipping charges to a minimum.

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dvd replication asia

DVD replication Asia line


Don’t get caught picking a random plant out of China or Taiwan.  Many Asia plants do not have the quality standards of our vetted partners.  Not only can you and your client receive poor quality but many times China plants will ship the product out much later than they anticipate causing headaches for everyone.  In addition, some plants do not have the necessary paperwork to ship the product through customs leaving duties, taxes, etc. unpaid for.

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