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We offer replicated DVDs starting as low as 300 units out of our 7 plants nationwide as well as our Asia and Europe partner plants. (See plant locations below).

Replicated DVDs are created from a glass master and then a stamping master. The discs are then stamped out from molten plastic. We then offset a beautiful 5-color process imprint upon the discs (cmyk over white flood). We can also print a silk-screen process if a specific PMS color is indicated or if only a few colors are needed. We press standard DVD-5’s as well as the DVD-9 and DVD-10 formats. The DVD-9 & 10 formats are used for programs lengths that exceed 120 minutes. While the discs are replicating we can also print a cool and innovative package for your project. See our media packaging page for all custom printing.

Client’s Testimonial

“Dear DubHouse,
I want to take this moment and express my gratitude for the exceptional service you and the Dub House have provided for my company. I consider myself very lucky to have found you at the very beginning of my publishing efforts. When I first spoke to you I knew nothing about replication, duplication, off-set printing… Yet, you took the time to patiently explain and teach me everything I needed to know. I have never before had the chance to work with such straight forward people and I am deeply appreciative… You have kept all your promises.
I wish that your example of customer service will be set for all companies to strive to. I am looking forward to working with you on my next project.”
Polina Sannino
Edition Zanko US, LLC.
New Jersey

We also offer replicated Mini round DVDs and Business Card DVDs starting at 1000 units.


DVD duplication / printing – is typically for orders under 300 units.  We can print a high quality direct to disc imprint in most cases and up to 600 dots per inch.  We offer almost every type of packaging even at these lower quantities.  DVD Amaray case with wrap, DVD Digipak, 4 panel wallet, 6 panel wallet, white paper sleeve and C-shell to name a few.
(See duplication plant locations below)

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