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Video Transfer Fort Lauderdale – VHS, 8mm Conversions

Do you have home movies on old VHS videos and 8mm film formats that you still haven’t converted?
We can now restore your memories with our video transfer Fort Lauderdale office at very reasonable prices.  We also purchased a high quality 8mm cassette deck for transferring home videos shot on this format to DVD.

Video Transfer Fort Lauderdale Prices:

VHS to DVD Conversion
1-2 VHS to DVD $19.99/unit
3-9 VHS to DVD $14.99/unit
10 VHS to DVD $12.99/unit

video transfer fort lauderdale

8mm tapes to DVD Conversion
1-2 VHS to DVD $21.99/unit
3-9 VHS to DVD $16.99/unit
10 VHS to DVD $14.99/unit

video transfer services

Hi-8 or 8mm


Estimated turnaround is 5 working days

8mm film reel pricing is determined by the amount of footage. Please count the number of reels and the size of the reels (3”, 5”, 7” etc) and we can provide a custom quote for converting them to DVD for you.

3″ reels = 50 feet of footage  Approx. 3 minutes 20 seconds
5″ reels = 200 feet of footage Approx. 15 minutes
7″ reels = 400 feet of footage Approx. 30 minutes

More info on 8mm and Super 8mm file here 8mm film info

Please also call for video transfer Fort Lauderdale quotes on other formats (8mm film, Mini DV, ¾” or BetaCam sp) 877-900-DUBS

or or Local Ft. Lauderdale phone number at 954-524-3658


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